About Us


We are the Super-Friends from Canada!

We are a cohesive 10 member team.  Each member brings a unique skill set to the team, and together these skills combine to create the Canadian Snowbattlers, aka Super-Friends.

Team principles
Everything we do must have a purpose.  This means we must work together towards the right objectives for success. Excellence is our goal, and is pursued in everything we do.

If you like dodgeball, throw accurately, and want to get involved in Yukigassen, please contact the Canadian Snowbattlers immediately.  The Canadian Snowbattlers are your best contact to help you get involved in Yukigassen in Alberta.  A national contact is coming soon.  Don’t be afraid to get involved and throw some snowballs!

Team quote: “We will never play in the Major League of Baseball, or win a Stanley Cup in our life. But we have a chance to be the best and win WORLD GOLD in YUKIGASSEN!

 Learn to play, and play to have fun. YUKIGASSEN FOR LIFE!

We focus on bettering ourselves in everything we do, whether it is on the field or fundraising for the team.  Everything must have a positive outcome.  If you lose, learn from it and grow stronger.

Pioneers in Canada
Ever since the Canadian Snowbattlers discoverd the sport of Yukigassen, we developed an unconditional love and passion for the sport.  Each time we go to Japan, we learn something new to add to our tool box. Being to Showa Shinzan four times, the Canadian Snowbattlers tool box is getting heavy.

A Bigger and better brand for the 30th annual Showa Shinzan World Championships.
The team is looking ahead to the 30th annual Showa Shinzan World Championships and would like to enter a women’s team for the world tournament. We are confident we can train a team capable of having a very strong chance of winning.

Fundraising doesn’t stop for us, even though travelling to Japan with 10 people is not cheap.
We are continuously fundraising and do bottle drives year round. That is just one of many of the fundraising tactics we have. We couldn’t do what we do without the support from our loving families, and spectacular fans. We are looking for sponsors to join our team.  We receive great TV and press coverage in Japan. Let us help take your brand overseas!

Our Accomplishments:

3 - TIMES: Canadian Rockies Snow Battle Yukigassen Champions (2012, 2013, 2014)

2 - TIMES: Recognized as Canadian National Yukigassen Champions (2012, 2013)

Canadian team to compete at the Showa Shinzan International Yukigassen Tournament in Japan (2013)

International team in the history of the sport to make it to Day 2 of the tournament (2015). MONUMENTAL!